Heels vs Faces


  1. 0.1: Arrival
  2. 0.2: In Your House
  3. 0.3: Breakdown
  4. 0.4: Fully Loaded

0.1: Arrival (In Progress)

This is the start of the Heels vs Faces mobile app. The goal for this version is to make sure you have a strong foundation for a wrestling simulator game. Then I will build on this with more features and improvements in the next versions.

  • Add User Profile Screen
  • Let Players register, login & logout
  • Setup App Basics done

0.2: In Your House (Not Started)

This release will focus on being able to book a show completely from scratch. You'll be able to choose your segments, and participants and book the show for your crowd.

  • Book A Show
  • Create & Edit a Show
  • Create A Company
  • Offer Wrestler a Contract

0.3: Breakdown (Not Started)

Next up, our goal here is to make it easier for players to create their own wrestlers and play online or offline.

  • Create A Wrestler
  • Create Your Own Era
  • Import Multiple Wrestlers

0.4: Fully Loaded (Not Started)

NOTE: This is still be reviewed so I might tweak what's going into this release

  • Allow Play With No Internet
  • Share Post Show Report to Twitter/IG

My name is Rich and I'm working on a wrestling booker game called Heels vs Faces. If you want to read all about how the game works check out our Help Guide today.