Game Features

See all the game features that Heels vs Faces has to offer!

Your Company
Create your independent Company in 3 easy steps. Start by choosing your Name, Location & Roster.
Company Overness
Watch your Company's overness because cvery Show it can go up or down. The higher it goes the better your Company looks amongst your competition!
Company Notes
Take down notes to keep track of your plans for your Company, Wrestlers and Shows.
One World, One Universe
Once you create a Company you aren't alone. You're entering a shared world full of other owners running their own wrestling companies.
Book Your Show
Each Show can book 6 Matches or Angles. The higher rating you get the more over your Company will become.
Post-Show Results
After every Show, review your results for each Match or Angle. Watch as your Wrestler's overness and skills change.
4 Match Types, a Variety of Gimmicks
Book up to 4 different types of Matches (Single, Tag Team, Triple Threat and Fatal Fourway). Once you choose your type you can choose a variety of gimmicks to make each match special.
Variety of Angles
Not looking for a Match? Choose from a variety of Angles that go from the standard Debut Vignette to a Contract Signing or Shoot Interview.
Choose your Finish
Every Match or Angle needs some kind of Finish and we have it covered. You decide the Winner and Loser then choose how the Finish goes down.
Create Champions
No fantasy roster would be complete without champions and yours is no different. Crown your World, Junior and Women's Championship matches.
Please Your Audience
The Audience plays a big part in your bookings. Book a good Match or Angle and your audience will rate it higher.
Wrestler Skills
Each Wrestler has his or her skills (Speed, Charisma, Aerial, Brawler, Technical, Stamina, Strength, Psychology) that can improve or get worse after each Match or Angle.
Wrestler Levels
Each Wrestler on your roster has a level of a Main Eventer, Upper Mid-Carder, Mid-Carder, Lower Mid-Carder, and Jobber.
Wrestler Roles
Give each Wrestler on your roster his or her own distinct role of either Heel or Face.
Update your Wrestler
Configure your roster even more by updating your Wrestlers' Role, Level and Ring name.