Heels vs Faces. An upcoming wrestling booker game.

I'm working an upcoming wrestling booker game called Heels vs Faces. Take a look at the below features that I'm planning...

Run Your Own Company

Create your own company and choose between being the President, Talent Relations or Booker.

Book the Perfect Show

You'll be able to book a Show of up to 6 segments (Matches or Angles) with your roster of wreslters. Book the right show and your audience will rate it high.

Multi-player Mode

Choose to play by yourself or with a group of friends. Want to handle only the finances? That's fine. Let your friends be the Booker or handle Talent Relations.

Play in the Right Era

Sometimes you want to build your company in your favorite wrestling era. You can choose from the Territory, Attitude, Reality Era, Present or even create your own.

Help Me Build

If you want to help, then take a look at the help guide. It's not finished and missing many pages & features that I still need to write up. But I am hoping it gives you a glimpse at what I'm trying to achieve. I'm open to suggestions, criticism and more. Let's work together to make a great game.