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  1. Segments
  2. Post-Show Report

Booking a Show is one of the cornerstones of success for every Company. It's how you build your fanbase, increase your revenue and build stars. Let's talk about the basic concepts for creating a successful Show.


Every Show is required to have a minimum of 6 segments. A segment can be either an Angle or Match and have at least 1 Wrestler associated with it.

Post-Show Report

Once your Show is booked you can then perform it in front of a live crowd. After this you will be given a Post-Show Report. This report breaks down your show and how the crowd felt about every Segment.

Report Notes

  • Date of Show
  • Location
  • Attendance
  • Segment Notes & Ratings
  • Show Notes & Rating
  • Tickets Sold / Revenue
  • Company Revenue

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