Why am I building Heels vs Faces?

I want everyone to have more fun. As wrestling fans, we get too caught up in wins/losses, booking decisions, ratings, feuds, dirt sheets, etc. It's all tiring because everyone wants to be right. So I've decided let's do some good and create a game for fans to play a wrestling simulator.

That's why I'm focusing to make sure it's a simple, easy-to-play game with hopefully lots of depth. I want people to enjoy it either alone or with friends. I used to love playing Extreme Warfare Revenge and Total Extreme Warfare but now they're older and can only be used on Windows computers. I think I have a chance to make something that fits in today's modern age.

So if you're still reading then let's talk. Tell me what you love or enjoy about any wrestling simulator game out there. Check out my Help Guide, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

My name is Rich and I'm working on a wrestling booker game called Heels vs Faces. You can read all about how the game works from our Help Guide. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me on Threads.