Dev Update #2

“When you step in to the ring your arms are a little too short to box with God” - CM Punk

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Dev Update #2 where I'll be talking about branding and some intial work done on the Heels vs Faces booker simulator game. Let's dive in.

Every game needs a logo that is easily identifiable. I wanted to make up the Heels vs Faces logo in multiple variations (Black, White & Color). This can give a better idea of how it can look in different scenarios.

Heels vs Faces Logo & Branding Colors

Next up I wanted to define a color scheme. This will help as I use these colors across the entire game. As you noticed, red will be the primary color. White will be a secondary color to make user elements and text pop well. The rest of the colors (blue, black and yellow) will be used throughout the game as accents for different elements. Hoping this makes the game feel more inviting, playful & standout. It will be interesting to see how much this holds up as more work is done.

Once the branding and color scheme have been chosen I was able to jump into building this wrestling simulator game. This will start as a desktop app so I already know I have space to work with. Which helps given this game will be showing off a lot of data to players. With this in mind I decided to go with a 3-column approach.

The 3 columns of Heels vs Faces game UI

1st column: sidebar with navigational links

The first column is very important. This is where players can jump around to different areas of the game. So I knew this first column had to be a sidebar that lists out simple links to where you need to go.

2nd column: the core of the game

The second column is the most important are of the game and it's where the main content players spend their time. This would be what you're trying to do at that moment. Where it be creating and account, logging in, bookibg a show, view your roster, and so mich more.

3rd column: the extra info you need

The final third column is that extra information that players would need at different moments. I'm thinking this would be an area to show helpful meessages or secondary actions like offering a contract to a wrestler. There are a lot of possibilities here so it will be interesting to see how this evolves.

My name is Rich and I'm working on a wrestling booker game called Heels vs Faces. You can read all about how the game works from our Help Guide. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me on Threads.