Dev Update #3

"Climb the ladder kid! Make yourself famous!” - Jim Ross

Hi Everyone!

I am back with Dev Update #3. Today I'll more progress being made on different screens of my wrestling simulator game. You see below the beginnings of build the create a Company screen. The goal of this screen to let users create their Company by entering the name, initials and the Company size.

Create a Company

Heels vs Faces Create a Company screen

Game Dashboard

A wrestling booker game dashboard screen

Next up, I wanted to work on the Game dashboard screen. This is very important since I want players to be able to see at a glance important parts of their game. For instance, you should be able details about your company, roster and much more.

My name is Rich and I'm working on a wrestling booker game called Heels vs Faces. You can read all about how the game works from our Help Guide. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me on Threads.