Heels vs Faces

What is a Wrestling Simulator

If you're curious what exactly is a Wrestling Simulator then let's help clear that up. A Wrestling Simulator is a game that allows you, the player, to create your own wrestling company. You can then sign wrestlers, deal with their morale, and book shows while also trying to keep your company's finances stable. These types of games are usually text/menu based but there are a few that have more graphics.

Over the years there have been a variety of different simulator games. In the early days, you had Extreme Warfare Revenge, Total Extreme Warfare & Promotion Wars. These games continued to evolve and expand their features even to this day. These games would be available only for Windows computers and while there are ways getting them to play on Mac computers can be a huge hassle.

Recently, there have been a larger amount of independent wrestling simulator games released for Windows, Mobile devices & even for your web browsers. Most of these follow the same formula defined by the original simulator games. With many of these games, there can be varying degrees of difficulty to set up and learn how to play.

Pro Wrestling Simulator games can be one of the most enjoyable games to play. Each game can let you finally book a show the way you want. If you're interested I would highly suggest checking out any of the many games available today!